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We are a full-service fashion & lifestyle PR agency with a virtual showroom.

What we do


The future of lifestyle PR

JAMJAM PR helps clients to fully benefit from the possibilities today’s digital media provides us; PR re-imagined and digitalized. Using an extensive network of leading stylists, editors and influencers, with a selection of some of the world’s finest brands. We’re everything you’d expect from a traditional PR agency but with one distinct feature; you can visit whenever you want, using our innovative virtual showroom.


Our unique virtual showroom

We believe in one simple golden rule; the easier it is for press and influencers to view and access the collections of our brands, the easier it’ll be for them to share with others. That’s why our digital showroom offers 24/7 personalized access for stylists, journalists and fashion pioneers through computer, tablet and smartphone.

Prefer to see the collections in real life, or want to taste our world famous cappuccinos? No problem, you’re always more than welcome to visit JAMJAM PR’s physical Amsterdam showroom. Come and feel our fabric.


Cost effective brand building

Unlock the potential of your brand and cut costs at the same time. The much lower operational costs of our virtual environment compared to that of a traditional showroom are reflected in our very competitive base fee.

Our clients

  • Client_lwa_studio

    L.W.A Studio

    L.W.A. Studio is a collection of well-designed wallets with a minimal, modern aesthetic. By only working with the best materials and craftsmen, L.W.A Studio strives to create a product that is extremely durable, becoming more beautiful over time. The collection features premium vegetable tanned leather wallets with Riri zippers and is handcrafted in Portugal.

  • Client_the_pack_society

    The Pack Society

    The Pack Society is founded by a group of people dedicated to living free and looking good doing it. We go to where life leads us, and only bring what we need. Young, wild and free. Wherever we go, we create memories and friendships that last a lifetime. Just like our backpacks.

  • Client_benzak

    Benzak Denim Developers

    Benzak Denim Developers makes high quality basic jeans and other garments. The denims are made with premium selvage denim, heavy duty stitching and a genuine leather patch, to stay in touch with our inner denim nerd.

  • Client_property_of

    Property Of...

    Property Of... was founded in 2006 with the goal to provide a serious alternative to the classic full leather briefcase with a clean and timeless aesthetic, targeting men and women with contemporary urban lifestyles. The name Property Of... was selected as a kind of non-label, to simply refer to the unique identity of each bag"s owner. By using our signature leather ID tags, labelling is functional and present while remaining understated.

  • Client_piogg


    PIOGG designs all-weather-fashion coats. Inspired by Italian elegance, the collection offers a wide range of feminine yet timeless models in several colour combinations. The multi-functional 4-season designer label uses luxurious & long-lasting materials with refined detailing besides supreme finishing. Due to the label"s sophisticated yet minimalistic silhouettes, each collection carries through never-out-of-styles to the next in different colours tones besides the new & refreshing designs.

  • Client_sweet_and_sour

    Studio Sweet & Sour

    Studio Sweet & Sour is a Dutch design studio that creates products for your sweet and sour moments in life. The designers from Studio Sweet & Sour pay much attention to the inside and outside of their products. The big love for detail makes that you want to take the notebooks and accessories of Studio Sweet & Sour everywhere with you!

  • Client_rainfest


    RainFest is a funky & functional fashion raincoat label for the youth as well as the stylish and sturdy women, who are seeking for a protective yet trendy raincoat to easily match it with the current wardrobe essentials. Inspired by the festival seasons, the brand offers a wide range of fashion-forward yet practical rain gear in several styles, colour combinations, modern details & unique prints.

  • Client_tokyo_design_studio

    Tokyo Design Studio

    Tokyo Design Studio creates high quality tableware inspired byboth Japanese tradition and the eclectic international lifestyle of modern day Tokyo. The products are produced in Japan and available across the globe. Respecting centuries of porcelain and pottery heritage, they constantly look for unexpected perspectives that help them create the tableware of today and tomorrow.

  • Client_pikaplant


    Pikaplant makes plantkeeping easy. A plant-rich environment makes people more creative, more productive and reduces stress. Some plants also help regulate air humidity and remove trace toxins from the air. Plants are good for people. That’s why Pikaplant is making it easier for you to grow herbs, crops, and beautiful plants anywhere.

  • Client_labruket

    L:A Bruket

    L:A Bruket is a skincare brand from the western coast of Sweden. The products and treatments of L:A Bruket use a combination of the best natural ingredients from land and sea, to deliver the best results for your body and skin. L:A Bruket’s scent base is spicy and herby, which means that all the products work for both men and women.

  • Client_numph


    Danish clothing brand Nümph is the result of the combined dream of seven young women. Exactly like the nymphs in the fairy-tales who are strong as giants and gentle as angels, Nümph is not only one girl, one style, but many opportunities to create one’s own personal look. Nümph’s desire is to create those favourite and indispensable fashion items that last.

  • Client_hestra


    The Swedish family business Hestra is one of the leading glove brands in the world for both outdoor sports and everyday use. The farmer Martin Magnusson founded the brand in 1936. Since the beginning Hestra has been committed to make durable gloves of the highest quality, designed and manufactured in the town of Hestra.

  • Client_fountain_of_youth

    Fountain of Youth

    Fountain of Youth is 100% natural coconut water. Fresh coconut water of the highest quality, with absolutely nothing added. Fountain of Youth is a project from the Michelberger Hotel collective; they fell in love with the product whilst lazing around on the beach on holiday and decided to bring it back to their bar in Berlin.

  • Client_welter_shelter

    Welter Shelter

    Welter Shelter is an all-weather outerwear brand. Designed in Amsterdam, made in Europe. Welter Shelter jackets represent the best of both worlds: warmth and protection provided by technical superiority, coupled with an undeniable stylish exterior and excellent comfort. The jackets are made from the finest fabrics and materials on offer, complemented by a technical three-layer membrane to make them 100% waterproof, breathable and wind resistant.

  • Client_balzac_projects

    Balzac Projects

    Balzac Projects, born in New York in 2008, takes its starting points from travel and memories. Each season, they choose an iconic address as a t-shirt print that not only captures a unique, international location, but also touches everyone with an emotional connection or physical memory of the place itself.

  • Client_witloft


    Witloft was founded in 2014 out of pure love for cooking, woodcraft and the BBQ. In today’s world that revolves around craftsmanship and authenticity, Witloft offers handmade aprons from high-quality, vegetable tanned leather.

  • Client_et_ai_design

    Et Al

    Et Al is a brand founded in Copenhagen by a band of friends of combined Danish and French descent. The designs are naturally infused with Nordic understatement and hints of French elegance. With uncompromising quality Et al seeks to design products that match the complexity of the world, but most of all they are made for -and are inspired by- others.

  • Client_triwa


    Triwa stands for transforming the Industry of Watches. The brand aims to promote the ethos of attitude and individuality in the traditional world of watches and accessories. Triwa is deadly serious about being playful and unpretentious and doesn’t mind being provocative in an uplifting way. Each piece that leaves Stockholm is created with the commitment to bring you products that reflects individual style and personality. The self-confidence and integrity of Triwa comes from being a born leader, not a follower. The brand is always happy to see stylish, smart and colorful people wear Triwa products.

  • Client_storm_and_marie

    Storm & Marie

    Storm & Marie is designed to give the wearer a feeling of untamed elegance where masculinity and femininity meets. The clash between femininity and masculinity comes together in the name, which explains Marie as fragile and chic and Storm as the wild and energetic. Storm & Marie was established in Copenhagen in 2010. Based on the style values of minimalistic Scandinavian design twisted with shades of rock, Storm & Marie is a combination of clean lines, feminine and daring shapes, edgy details and hand-painted prints. A focus on high quality and fit are the core of the 4 yearly Storm & Marie collections. The philosophy behind the brand is that while every collection forms a concept, each piece can still be worn separately and effortlessly be mixed in different ways to create an individual style.

  • Client_daniel_wellington

    Daniel Wellington

    The story behind Daniel Wellington begins with a trip half way around the globe where Filip Tysander, the founder of the brand, met an intriguing gentleman from the British Isles. He had an impeccable style, and loved to wear his Rolexes on old Nato straps. His name? Well, Daniel Wellington, of course. Filip liked the way Daniel Wellington wore his watch so much that he incorporated the idea in a line of watches. The Daniel Wellington watches are thin, refined and elegant without too many details. The traditional yet crisp design blends together perfectly with the colorful Nato strap and will appeal to almost anyone with a sense for classic and timeless design.

  • Client_delikatessen


    Delikatessen is an Amsterdam-based menswear line that combines old craft with a modern approach to design. Founded in 2009 by Andre Lisowski and Stephen artog, Delikatessen focuses on well-tailored but effortless garments. The brand caters tot the discerning man who chooses to wear subtly understated and individual garments with a dose of panache. Each season Delikatessen brings a strong collection of unique apparel, characterized by a sharp eye for sartorial details and perfect cuts. The garments are crafted from the most refined fabrics that offer supreme comfort and touchability. This delicacy combined with defined color blocking and distinctive prints brings a fresh perspective to modern menswear.

  • Client_mimi_et_toi

    Mimi et Toi

    "It's about you and me". That’s what Mimi's jewellery line is all about. Mirjam van Dijk (Mimi) is a jewellery designer who gets her inspiration and material from far exotic places all over the world. Elements like nature stones, stars and skulls are recurring elements. These beautiful 'boho chic' inspired jewelleries, with a piece of Paris to the mystic dreams of Nepal, are all handmade by the designer Mimi herself. They should complete everyone's personality, humour and feelings. These exotic items are an addition to express your personal mood and feelings. Sold in more than ten leading boutiques in the Netherlands it is a great addition to every wardrobe.

  • Client_marky_markers


    Marky thinks everyone should have the chance to go to school. This is why each package of markers sold, helps to send a kid in need to school. Marky collaborates with NGOs committed to helping less fortunate children get an education. The colourful markers come in packages of twelve, have an ergonomic grip and are completely washable.

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We are a full service fashion and lifestyle PR agency with a virtual showroom and a serious dose of PR expertise. Our multinational team of creative and strategic communication experts come equipped with years of experience in both traditional and digital media arenas.